Astrotwitch in PDX

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Portland was recently graced with a visit from DC based street artist Astrotwitch, and he covered our city in his signature women. I have long enjoyed his work as each piece is beautifully hand painted loaded with rich patterns and intricate details. His subject matter are strong evocative women. These women start as a blur of color and form in the street and engage you to step off to revel in rich textures and patterns. Twitch’s work is a labor intensive process, and its rewarding to be able to encounter that level of love in and for the street.

Photos courtesy of Twitch himself. Check the video as well Twitch.


Clean Energy No Nukes NW

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Clean Energy No Nukes NW 2012




Irot, Sidhe, and Hesus have been traveling up the WestCoast and spreading social consciousness as they go. This piece appeared right off the tracks and the Burnside in response to the local NoNukesNw movement. Thanks to local photographer Burlie for the amazing shot.

22″X28″ Archival Lions Prints

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When You Tell The Lions You Love Them So

22″ X 28″ Hand Pulled Screen Print on Archival Paper

Negative, white on black print
All inks are hand mixed by artist using an environmentally friendly vegan recipe

available at

Special Delivery 2012 Mural

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As before I had the pleasure to participate in Special Delivery 2012. I was lucky enough to be framed between Attica and Bella Ciao, two of my absolute favorite artists.

Carrion Goddess

Photo Courtesy of StilSayn


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CircleFace Down By the River

Photo Courtesy of Burlie


Empire Builder of Ruin

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New Screen Print

Empire Builder Of Ruin

26″ x 36″

build your own unicorns

All prints made with handmixed ink using a vegan environmentally friendly recipe.

Special Delivery 2012

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Special Deliver 2012 opens at the Carbon Warehouse tomorrow in Berkeley California. Over 100 artists were given a 36,000 sq ft warehouse to paint in a show curated by Endless Canvas. I was fortunate enough to be invited, and spent two weeks immersed in one of the most positive community creative projects I have ever had the pleasure to participate in.  Every square inch of the abandoned ink factory has been completely transformed into a gallery showcasing some of the best of bay area street and graffiti artists. Portland participants included ASK and CircleFace, as well as local film production crew Mapache Films. Definitely the best Portland has to offer as these three constantly put in amazing work.

For Photos and more info visit